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Where does belly dancing come from?

One of Lobo Del Mar Cafe’s popular cultural shows is our belly dancing routine performed on Wednesday evenings. This form of dance has become popular all over the world, but where does it come from?

According to, belly dancing originated in Egypt (called ghawazi) back in the 1800s. Shortly afterward in the 1900s, the dance spread to Arabic countries, where it is called Raqs Sharqi. During the 1960s and 1970s, the dance became immensely popular in the United States as women, especially, made great strides in autonomy and being free-spirited. 

Over the last couple of centuries, belly dancing has transformed and has taken on many regional styles and flavors according to the various cultures that have adopted the dance. However, most forms of the dance include the same core movements: the shimmy, undulations, and hip hits. 

At Lobo Del Mar, we add our own flare to belly dancing and carry on the tradition of this fun dance the South Texas way. Our customers enjoy watching our beautiful dancers while you try our delicious menu items. Come check it out this Wednesday here at Lobo Del Mar on South Padre Island!