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The Best Margaritas on SPI

Lobo Del Mar Cafe has some of the best margaritas on SPI, and we have plenty of options and flavors to try!

Of course there’s the Classic Margarita to start out with, which comes in classic lime, strawberry, or mango. 

If you’re looking for something to put a little more pep in your step, you might like our Mexican Margarita. This fiery margarita is quite different from the standard Classic Margarita because of its extra Lemon Lasco and lime juice with a chamoy and trechas rim. It even has serrano peppers for that added kick on the way down. Spicy!

The Corona-Rita is our take on the standard beerita, but better. This fishbowl margarita is filled with Hornitos Tequila, Lemon Lasco, Lime, a float of Grand Marnier, and an ice cold Corona torpedo and topped off with a salted rim. It’s one of the best ways to cool down after a long, fun-filled day on Laguna Madre Bay. 

And we can’t forget our signature drink, the Lobo-Rita. You’ll be blowing kisses to our bartenders after the first sip of this delicious drink. It’s got a double shot of Hornitos Tequila, Blue Curacau, Lemon Lasco, Grand Marnier float, and a salty fresh rim. 

You can get most of these delectable thirst quenchers either blended or on the rocks. Our bayside margaritas are perfect for any time of the day, so come on by and try them out!